Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Kid's New Shoes

She's been looking for these for months...$49 hard earned dollars for these eye-blinding high top Chuck Taylors...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am the Anti-Pilates

Let's just be honest. Okay? If I go long enough without looking in the mirror I completely forget that I don't look like Jennifer Aniston. I like forgetting that fact. I'm okay with looking like me especially since I feel pretty damn good. So why, why on earth do I continue to torture myself in pilates?

Is there ever a good reason to join in on an exercise class that:
  1. requires you to wear tight fitting clothes
  2. is held in a room with floor to ceilings mirrors
  3. requires you to breathe and exercise at the same time
  4. uses jargon like "scoop it out" far as I'm concerned that's too close to another phrase
  5. has you pretending to reach over an invisible ball...I want the real ball...I pay good money for this
  6. is taught by someone who is of the Pilate gender...yes, Pilate is actually a third gender, you have to be born a pilate, you can't just decide that you want to dabble in it, or "choose" to be a little Pilate, you are either Pilate or not. When my instructor came out of the womb the doctor said, "congratulations, you have a little pilate".

So this is how it goes. I get to the gym...feelin pretty good. Do a little stair climb with Rockin D, hit some weights and then head over to meet my Lori (yes, she is my Lori and you can't have her) in Pilates. I go in, grab us some green little foamy mats and relax while I wait for the instructor.

Class starts out okay. But I start to feel like I shouldn't be doing moves that require an actual list to get into. I mean, if the instructor has to actually give you a to do list to get into a position, is this exercise or work? Hold on, let me ask my abs of hell-fire right now...yep, they think that not only did they get a work out but they are on strike and would like me to kick pilate instructor chick's booty for last night's class.

I get the whole core thing. Really I do. I'm with ya. I feel it. I'm embracing it. But sweet jesus can I at least try to enter into these moves without the mirrors in my face. Oh, and it would also help my self image if I wasn't surrounded by all the hottie moms with altered images if you know what I mean because my natural body doesn't reflect in those mirros like theirs do. I also don't have their cute little pilate outfits! Actually, who am I kidding, they look really good and I look completely ridiculous.

So while I do recognize that I am working muscles that I have forgotten even existed, I have to say that my body is not made for this. I was born to not do pilates. When I came out of the womb the doctor said, "congratulations, it's an anti-pilates."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Overheard in the Women's Department at Macy's

Husband to his wife (in their 70's): "Honey, this is it...this is the exact dress that you were wearing in my dream! You looked so beautiful. Will you try it on for me?"

My heart skipped a beat as I overheard his excitement for how much he still loved her after all these years of marriage. Well, I'm assuming that's the case anyway...I mean, I suppose it's possible she's his mistress and his poor wife is at home all alone but that's not very fun now is it? So I'm going with the first thought.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wild About Jason

I took this picture!

I’ve been meaning to write about this guy since late August when I heard him perform live at a wedding in Estes Park Colorado. His name is Jason Wilder and he’s got this beautiful sultry voice that could rock your world if you listen to him live in a little smoky dive bar in the high country or could send you dreaming sweet dreams if he sang you softly to sleep.

He combines elements of the classic singer-songwriter sound with modern rock, pop, and folk. He has a wide range of vocal ability and I could see him singing songs across many genres. He is one with the guitar, comfortably unplugged and acoustically talented.

At the wedding reception I had a chance to sit and get acquainted with him. He comes across quite shy and is very humble about his talent. But I don’t have to be humble about his talent or the fact that he is oh so adorable…just look at that face…gotta love those dimples!

I think what becomes instantly obvious when you watch Jason perform is that his heart is in it. He sings from places deep within. He pours his own experience into a song even if it is a cover and not one of his own.

He has this “ just crawled out of bed” look going on, probably because he had actually just crawled out of bed, but it works for him. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to comb his hair or run my fingers through it! Ha ha

If you find yourself in Estes Park, I highly recommend checking out the music scene and tracking him down to see him live.
If you are a fan of Jason's please leave a comment on this blog post...Jason will see it...he's now a fan of my blog (ha ha, I know you are laughing your ass off now Jason).