Friday, November 30, 2007

Leaving This Place...

Somehow I managed to have the house all to myself tonight! Wahoo! No husband or kids. What shall I do? What shall I do? Start another a movie...write? I think I will head over to Elise's Secrets or Poetikat's and some of my other blogfellows and see what they are up to...or maybe I will visit Jen, who stopped by to see me at work today! question

My account has been storing my bookmarks in chronological order since the beginning of there any way to view in alpha order? I mean, why would anyone care or want to see their bookmarks in chronological order? Is this blatantly obvious and I am just missing something here?

What Should I Read Next? Any Suggestions?

Finished the Kite Runner right after work today. It was such a cold day. I came home, grabbed my book, ran up to my bathroom (the only place I can have peace and quiet) and sat on the heater vent on the floor in the corner and while the heat blew up the back of my shirt I flipped the pages... anxiously...waiting for Amir to redeem himself and find "a way to be good again."

What should I read next?

What Have I Done?!?!

Crud! So for some crazy reason I started reading the Kite Runner at 11:00 pm last night...big mistake!!! I couldn't put it down. Everything sleepy leapt from my body like time leaping from a clock. I turned page after page eating up every last detail until I had read half the book and realized that I needed to force myself to put it down. This morning I got up early and read another 100 pages. And now I have to go to work. Crud! This totally sucks. I feel a sick day coming on...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't You Hate It When...

Your email says you have 8 new messages since you last checked it 3 hours ago and you think "yay, my friends love me"! And then you check it and none of your emails are from live people...unless you are counting the emails from the Barrister Jude Esiaka from Nigeria who needs to send you a million dollar check for your deposit (and wow, you get to keep some too) or if you are counting Johnny Rock who wants to tell you how you can grow several inches!


Preface: When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would not delve deeply into religion, politics, or even love. I believe that this world spends far too much time killing people over these three things. For some, writing about deep topics helps them to get through them and mentally work things out. But for me, avoiding them in my writing helps me to increase my mental awareness of everything else that is good. With that said, sometimes things fall out of my head. Actually, that happens a lot. So, here, you will find today that I am writing about God thanks to Chris Gehler (in a round about way). He was challenged by Matthew to use the word heliotropic in his writings and I stole the challenge from Chris...not because I like to steal but because I've never been able to pass up a challenge or a dare! Anyway, this is what the word "heliotropic" inspired me to write...totally against my promise to myself that I wouldn't write about deep stuff!

Without you
Sunshine would not be brilliant
Just sunny
Sunny sun
Waiting for the blaze
Casting not a shade upon my days
To cool my limbs and light my ways
No heliotropic appetite to feed
Just growing like a weed
No hunger
No nourishment
No purpose
No effort spent
Day after day
Lacking meaning and substance
Life can be a duration of time
Wasted in a trance
Waiting for luminosity
Something visible to see
To prove
That you exist to love and move
Come alive
And guide
My hopes and dreams
Not merely growing
But splitting seams
Of painful depression
Wretchedness and sorrow
To illuminate existence
Propelling me into tomorrow
For without you
I die
A slow death
No color, no hue
Each earthly footprint
With no patina placed
Nothing good left behind
Nothing bad erased
Just existing
Never illuminating
The right path
To hurdle the wrath
Only blindly stepping
Into darkness from darkness
Faced with knowing
Exactly where it is I’m going
An aisle of destruction
Life of sinful seduction
Hearing that final sounding bell
Switching classes from life 101 to hell

Michelle Hix

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An Award from Elise

If you haven't checked out Elise's must! Do not read her latest posts without starting from the beginning!!!! I'm telling you now that you will be cheating. Go back to the beginning of October and read everything up til the current post. It will only take 15 mintues. And if you want all the links to her posts in order from beginning til now just let me know because I recently made a word doc for a friend so she could have the links in order (less intimidating for the non-bloggers). And then you can check her blog daily after that for her updates!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shopping With The Hubby

The Husband and I went Christmas shopping today.

Men and women are sooo different!

Upon leaving Bath and Body Works…

Me: Wow, this peppermint lip gloss is amazing! Yummy. So pepperminty. It’s making my lips all tingly. It even tastes good. Is it shiny on my lips?

Hubby: Yes…shiny

Me: Wanna taste it?

Hubby: Sure

Leaving Justice…

Hubby: (kicking tires on my car) These been holdin’ up for ya pretty well huh? (aren’t your tires holding up well if they haven’t blown out or got a flat…who asks these questions?...Men!)

Me: um, yeah, sure (with pure excitement)

Hubby: (spots a blue version of my car) We coulda got a blue one. Metallic. You like the metallic look?

Me: um, yeah, sure (more excitement)

Leaving another store…

Hubby: Let’s hurry to the car.

Me: Why? Do you have to poop or are you cold?

Hubby: Cold…oh darn, I shoulda went to the bathroom in there.

Leaving yet another store…

Hubby: Wanna go home and …before the kids get home?

Me: Gee, since you put it so persuasively, how can I resist?…(no! that’s how…ha ha)

Ahhh, the joys of shopping with your spouse!

My Thoughts on Memes

I LOVE reading them on other people's blogs. I've been tagged for a few but recently its the "list 7 strange things about yourself" which I think I have pretty much covered in the sidebar so I won't list 7 more here. Anyone have an unusual one? I think some are too personal also.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Daddies are good at picking you up and dusting you off.

Quote: “Daddies are good at picking you up and dusting you off.”

I didn’t know this. I guess I never thought about it. In fact, I grew up thinking the opposite I suppose. Growing up without a father I just always assumed that if I had one he’d probably just get in the way. I mean, we (mom, sis and I) had it all figured out. We were fine. We squashed the spiders. The bills got paid (probably not early mind you but they got paid). I knew how to check the oil in my car. We were fine getting by. Really, we did better than just get by. As I got older I even felt privileged that since I didn’t have a father, I probably learned things that my friends didn’t learn because I didn’t have a father figure to fall back on. I was strong and independent and everyone around me could see it and if they couldn’t, I was probably telling them “how” independent I was. I was anxious to get out on my own and show people that I could take care of myself and that I didn’t need a father.

But the other day I heard someone say “Daddies are good at picking you up and dusting you off.” I must have looked stunned. That thought had never crossed my mind. And I realized how dusty I must be. All these years that I’ve been thinking that I was compensating for all the fatherly advice I had missed and all the skills I gained so I wouldn’t ever need him. When all along, I’ve been collecting dust and probably not getting up as quickly as I should. It makes so much sense to me now. It makes sense when I look at the men I dated, it makes sense when I look at the jobs I’ve kept, it makes sense when I look at who I married and how I raise my kids. I seek out people who don’t need me to be needy, people who need me to be strong and have high expectations of me. I befriend people who need me to be there when they need me regardless of how it effects my own life. I seek out jobs that require me to do things that nobody would normally expect and I do these things better than anyone else could. It’s like I’ve been expecting my annual review to say “she worked better than our other employees who had fathers.” I chose a husband who knows that I can handle it…whatever “it” is whenever “it” happens. I raise my kids knowing that if they want it done right they have to do it themselves. What would my life be like if someone else (okay, a father) picked me up and dusted me off all those years when life beat me down? How would things be different?

Maybe I’d be less stubborn and more patient. Maybe I’d be less worried about tomorrow and more content with today. Maybe I’d have less answers and less reason to care about the answers. Maybe I’d have more time. Maybe I’d care about myself more. Maybe I’d be less busy. Maybe I’d allow myself to do all the things that scare me to death because I’d know that if I fail, I’d have someone to pick me up and dust me off. Maybe not. Whatever.

I Know This is Gross...

but I had to was my 6th tattoo (just to clarify, I only have one tattoo...but have had 6 laser appointments to have it removed) removal procedure...this is what it looks like after they laser the heck out of it! Within one week, there will be no visible redness and you will hardly be able to see the tattoo. Its just the first couple of days after each appointment its looks really bad. And if I would have planned better, I would have ran upstairs and shaved my legs before the picture!!!

Yeah baby!

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

Funny Post over at Mental Poo

click here :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family (Not-So-Traditional) Traditions

‘Twas the Sunday after Thanksgiving, still waiting for snow
The kids are stirring so up to the attic we go (and you thought I’d say Costco)
Dad throws down five boxes, each one full of décor
Can we decorate for Xmas without a trip to the hardware store?

Now our tree, as you know, stands 12 feet tall
I’m afraid of heights, afraid I might fall
So up hubby climbs on his really big ladder
Good thing he’s got skills and he’s not any fatter

Unpacking the boxes, I’m excited to see
My old Shrinky Dink ornaments from 1973
There are so many treasures from years long ago
Oh the excitement of Xmas, you never outgrow!

Sixteen circles I danced to fill the tree with light
Red and green festive flashing colors so bright
The ornaments were next as my man contemplates
To place them up top in order as I dictate

But what happened next, I should have expected
Not a care in the world for all the treasures I’ve collected
As my other half barks out military-like commands
I see ornaments flying out of the children’s hands

From 12 feet below to the top where he sat
The smaller kid pitched like he was holding a bat
Ornaments from my childhood go whooshing passed
As I sit in shock, my expression aghast

Chucking each valuable to his hand with no glove
He then places them carefully on the tree with love
This made me feel better knowing the job would get done
Why not let them have a little Xmas non-traditional fun

When all of a sudden my eyes couldn’t believe
She wound up and wound up getting ready to heave
The most precious glass trimming packed in tissue with care
Went twirling and whirling and flying through the air

Look out Dad, here it comes, catch it now
But her arm wasn’t strong enough for his reach to allow
It smacked me in the head before coming back down
She looked at my face, expecting more than a frown

Quit playing around you two, let’s finish the job
My oldest ran for an ice pack as my head started to throb
Before long came the cats, nice but naughty also
Attacking the branches were Sharky and JoJo

But what can we do, they’re having too much fun
Knocking down candy canes and bells, one by one
So we watched and we laughed and enjoyed our night
Then we drank our hot cocoa and plugged in the lights

‘Twas the night that we spent all together us four
Trimming our tree with decorations galore
It wasn’t a chore but more a traditional task
It was a crazy family affair, what more could you ask?

Michelle Hix

Can I Just Say...

That I've been trying to write tonight but I am distracted by my husband's new iPod...I stole it and it is magic...tiny little magicness in my far the music is pretty good...a little Maroon 5...some weird Bee Gee's/Madonna remix jam...almost cool...but if I hear any Richard Marx or Michael Bolton I'm going to bash my head against my computer...stay tuned.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Look Babe, I Bought This New iPod For Working Out at the Gym"

Yep, that's what my husband told me today as he was showing me this new little tiny iPod that's about the size of a quarter. Apparently it holds 1,000 songs, which is more than our other two iPods and its so much smaller and lighter so it was a "must-buy" for him, and it has this amazing magic power to make its owner put on gym clothes and head to the gym! Yes, I'm thinking that a new diamond ring has that power too...what do you think ladies? My husband hasn't worked out for about 3 months...he's one of those lucky people that has a great body all the time, no matter how many bowls of ice cream he eats in bed. He's got great genes and lucky for the kids they got some of his genes. It doesn't drive me nuts that my husband is like a girl when it comes to shopping, or that he has to have the latest and greatest and newest of gadgets galore, or that he has two and three of everything, or that he's obsessed with Costco...what drives me nuts is that he actually comes up with "reasons" for his spending and can almost have a straight face when he gives me his line of BS. Along with the iPod, he also purchased a new pair of tennis shoes for that gym place that he thinks he might visit. I wonder if everyone else at the gym knows how heavy their iPod is? Can you just see them now...trying to run on the treadmill with that HUGE 3"x 2" iPod hanging on their arm or their waist when they could have a tiny tiny magic iPod? Wait til they find out that they don't have to lug that thing around...I bet they will go to the gym even more when they get one too. When it comes to myself however, well, if it weren't for my husband constantly bringing me home new cell phones to try, I would probably still own first one from over 10 years ago that weighed like 5 pounds. I'd still be carrying a really large purse to hold the phone and it would only have one ring tone which would drive my kids nuts that they couldn't pull a funny one on me and change the ring to Livin' La Vida Loca and of course, nobody would want to borrow my phone for fear that they would be seen with it by their cool friends, who all have their own cell phones by the way and I get to hear that complaint on a daily basis but I'm not backing down on that one, but hey, it would still work and I get very attached to things so leave me alone.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Charismatic Man

We all know one...

He enters the room
and every head turns
No words leaving lips
and all conversation adjourns
Leaving other men to wonder
why women pause to gaze
Carrying on for him to catch a glimpse
of our come hither love clichés

Captivating male creature
It’s the way his eyes speak
Across a dim lit room
Making my knees weak

Generously equipped anatomy
upon which feminine eyes will fix
Broad shouldered standing dignified
A Michelangelo he depicts
Each move he makes is analyzed
Confident, calm and composed
Displaying gifts of nature
The strength in his build exposed

Seductive male creature
It’s in his voice so deep
Telling me a secret
Hoping mine he'll keep

hmm...that's all I just fell out of my head without an ending...I hate that...maybe the ending will fall out later

Oh What Good Fun

Well, in summary, Thanksgiving was perfect. My sister flew in from Montana to surprise my parents. She got in Tuesday but I couldn't blog it because mom reads the blog! Food and conversation was great. My oldest "M" folded our napkins into an ice cream cone shape as usual (her job is to set the table). My youngest "C" learned to do a cartwheel. This is a really big deal for a little girl. After which she exclaimed, "this is good fun!" And she was right. It was. It was all good fun.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Turkey is Clean and Ready to Go!

26 Pounds!

Getting There...

Okay the tree is we just need to finish fluffing...and then we can decorate.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Something to Think About

One of the attributes of a person with a thankful heart is that they actually express their thanks. This is something I try to think about a lot during the week of Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I will start the preparations for a long week of family, friends, feasts and fun. I am so thankful that I have loving parents, a beautiful sister, a generous husband, selfless children, and loyal friends to share my life, my home and my food with. My front door (door, email, phone...whatever) is open this week to anyone who needs a meal, a friend to talk to or a family to be with. If you find yourself needing something...I'm here to serve you. Love, Michelle

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
— John F. Kennedy

“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.” Psalm 100:4 (NKJV)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Pile of Hangers Made Me Cry

I’m not the overly emotional type. I’m strong willed with a strong spirit. I come from a lineage of matriarchal and matrifocal women. But sometimes even the strong have a moment of weakness.

Today, while doing the girls’ laundry I came across the inevitable. As I hung my youngest daughter’s clothes up, some of her shirts were falling off the hangers and landing on the floor. This has been happening for a while now, but I am usually able to strategically place the shoulders in place so that the shirt will balance and eventually be held in place by the next shirt pressing up against it. With the whole closet full, everything stays in place pretty well until she yanks the items down!

But lately, since we’ve bought some new school clothes and she’s officially wearing a size 7/8, those items are not as cooperative. The bottom line…she’s outgrown her baby hangers...and this makes me sad. The thought of reorganizing her entire closet and getting rid of her baby hangers signifies something for which I am not ready...its possible that she’s no longer a baby. My husband would tell you that this happened many years ago…it drives him nuts that I still call her “baby.” But she is a baby to me. She still wants to sit on my lap and have me rock her to sleep. She wants me to read stories to her and sing to her. She wants to lay her head in my lap while I play with her hair. She wants me to draw little pictures on her back when I give her a back rub. She and I are not ready for the big girl hangers yet. No, not quite yet anyway.

Magic Trick...The Disappearing Rabbit

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Plan

Since our friends Dave and Kristin had their little baby a few weeks ago, the girls have been begging to babysit. They don't understand that they can't babysit a newborn baby. They just think she is a little doll and want to play house with her. Today my oldest says "mom, I have a idea." Uh, we go. "What's you idea?" "Let's buy them a gift card at a really nice restaurant. You know, the kind that you can't take babies to?" "That way they won't be able to take the baby and we'll have to babysit." I explain that they live pretty far away, all the way in Aurora in fact, and that the grandma would just babysit if they went out to dinner. Then my oldest says "duh, mom, we'd just buy them a gift card for a restaurant right by our house."

Husbands...God Love Them!

I have to preface this story with a little background information. We have a large Christmas tree. This isn’t some scrawny 9 footer that you get at Hobby Lobby…oh, no, this is 12 full thick feet of hugeness that takes up half our front room. The first year we owned it, I decided to re-label (my friends who know me will understand my need to do this) every branch on the tree with color coded permanent labels. Yes, of course it was already labeled with the usual letters of the alphabet but in addition, I thought it would be helpful to place a color coded zip tie (thank you Costco) on each branch. Each year when I take the tree down, I then zip tie each row of branches together. Then I put them in the two humongous boxes in the order of which they should be taken out and put up the next year. I leave no room for error here.

Last night my husband had a friend over to the house for dinner. He loves to cook for his friends so I let them do the guy thing and eat their steaks in peace while I did crafts with the girls and the neighbor kids. Then my husband and his friend get this wild idea that they want to put up the Christmas tree. I’m thinking “before Thanksgiving?” Hey, what the heck, why not? Do they realize that this thing takes 4 days, one ladder, several batches of hot chocolate and apple cider, trips to the attic and the basement, and a good set of branch fluffing gloves to put this up? That when they are done, they will be dizzy from the high altitude of decorating at 12 feet? That even though they are wearing the branch fluffing gloves that their arms will be scratched and itching from fluffing? No they don’t realize this…but all the more fun for me to watch right?

After about an hour of listening to them crack up at the cat trying to climb each branch that they fluffed, I went in to see how they were doing (since my 6 year old kept coming in to tell me they were doing it all wrong).


That’s the English alphabet right? Am I confused? Apparently they were! The first thing they did was dump, yes, dump all the branches on the floor, in a heap. There went the “order of which they should be taken out and put up the next year” plan I so carefully thought out. The next thing they did that I thought odd was they started at the bottom of the tree. So now, when you get to the top you can’t get the ladder close to the tree because the bottom branches span out so wide. But, no biggy right? I mean, they can handle it. They’ll figure it out right? But then I notice that there seems to be no order to the rows. Upon further inspection, I notice that my tree goes from “O” to the next row being “Q”. I say “where’s P?” (I’m looking at blank stares). I repeat “where’s P?” Then they’re both like “there’s a P????” (are you kidding me?) Of course there’s a “P”. Why wouldn’t there be a “P”? And so it goes…if you want something done right, either do it yourself or at least leave your 6 year old in charge!

In their defense, I will say that they screwed down the cushions on my dining room chairs for me last night. I had re-upholstered them myself about 3 months ago and had been asking the husband to screw them back together for me. I should have just done that myself too. I mean, I unscrewed them, I could have just screwed them back…but I wanted him to do it because I upholstered over the holes and I didn’t want to mess it up. So that got done last night and now my Thanksgiving guests can eat safely.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My New Favorite Quote

"Honey that wasn't lunch, it was a pickle."

Said by a friend during I say it to myself once a day just for a good laugh!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pizza Delivery

Mark brought pizza home from Costco tonight...I'm telling inspiration comes from the strangest places...this is a rediculous rhyme about a pizza delivery boy...

Why me?
Workin on a Friday night
No money in my pockets
Can’t take my girl out for a bite

Another shift
Doin’ time at the pizza place
Deliverin’ pies is my game
It’s a rat’s race

Large pepperoni in my hand
Cool…the apartment’s on the ground floor
In three minutes flat
I arrive at the door

Chick answers my knock
Dressed for the kill
I hand over the pie
She gives me a $20 dollar bill

What happened next I’m not sure
Though I was left in despair
Woke up with a knot on my head
Tied to a chair

Now this is a first I thought
Trying to wriggle free
I’ve tied up a few
But no girl’s tied me

I jerked and I shifted
Around in my seat
Hoping to slip away
Ropes tight at my hands and feet

Like a fish out of water
Flappin’ around
I sent that stupid chair
Straight to the ground

Not so bad if there’s carpet
A cushion or throw
But my head hit tile
It took another blow

I lay there in pain
Wondering what to do then
I tried yelling for help
Over and over again

Here girl…she came
Her tail wagging like crazy
A dog to my rescue
Her tag read Ms. Daisy

Chew here and tug there
I gave her commands
I’ll play with you girl
If you can just free my hands

But instead she drank from her bowl
Lapping what seemed like gallon
Then proceeded to lick my face
Didn’t care that I’d fallen

I finally shimmied free
Pondered my case
Dusted off my clothes
Got out of that place

Ran for my car
Which of course was not there
$20 gone from my pocket
Don’t even have cab fare

I stick out my thumb
Hoping someone will see
Then all of a sudden
A car stops for me

Wouldn’t you know it?
It’s just my bad luck
It’s my girl that pulls over
There’s a guy in her truck

“Oh this is Steve” she says
“He’s just a pal”
But “just a pal” Steve's
Sitting too close to my gal

No room in front
So I hop in the bed
Feeling like Daisy
The wind blowing through the hair on my head

The pizza manager was waiting
Pointing to the clock
What took you so long?
Your delivery was one block

What I said next
Gave him a panic attack
Deliver your own pizzas!
I’m not coming back!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Say Cheese!

M just took this picture with her new camera! Her very first picture! She bought the camera with her own money that she saved.

In Memory

Another casualty of war today
She marched
Firing assets of prescriptions
Under command of senior intelligence in white coats

We want to thank you
The civilians sending convoys of support
Coalition forces who understood the battle firsthand
The battalion that have been victorious
The forces before them that were defeated and went home

The enemy fights hard
Taking prisoners
Hoping for surrender
Armed with ammunition
Firing when the soldier is weak

What chance does a warrior have?
The rebel invades
Reconnaissance on the body
Stealing good men and women from this earth
Sending them home to rest

We love you and you will be missed
Crestfallen, our heads in prayer
Thinking of you
We honor your bravery
Cancer took your life, but the memories remain

Michelle Hix

Written in memory of Mary K., the mother of my good friend who lost her battle with cancer on Monday.

It's Just One of Those Days

The world is against you
Confrontation approaches you
Bad news calls you
Inadequacy follows you
Hurtful yells at you
Unworthy whispers to you
Sinful winks at you
Dishonesty tugs at you
Disobedience spits on you
Stress weighs on you
Melancholy sings to you
Evil anticipates you
Sadness adopts you
Selfishness advises you
Worry councils you
Excuses define you
Sickness diagnoses you
Bias dissects you
Fear stops you
Mirrors expand you
Gossip comforts you
Pessimism governs you
Time keeps you
Disbelief convinces you

Do you run as fast as you can or fight the demons one by one?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Secret in the Attic

Sunshine left the earth today
Raindrops hit the ground
Running to hide
From the storm outside
I swear I nearly drowned

The screen door slammed and Ma looked up
She’d said it one too many
Don’t slam that door!
Mop up the floor!
Brains! Girl do you have any?

When weather is uncooperative
The icy cold wind blows
A better way
To spend my day
My secret no one knows

So up the attic stairs I climb
A creak at every tread
Don’t look up
Don’t look down
I close my eyes instead

The ninth plank down and six across
I think it’s that one there
I lift her carefully
From her box
And caress her golden hair

Hello Ms. Marilla Saffron Bean
Has your waiting been drawn-out?
I’ve missed your smile
And conversation
I’m sad I’ve been without

What’s that you say? A cup of tea?
Oh, thank you I’d love some
I’ve brought some scones
And clotted cream
Careful not to leave a crumb

Oh no, oh dear I hear her now
Its mother in an uproar
Goodbye my friend
You have to go
Back underneath the floor

But I solemnly vow as your best friend
To come back soon again
I pinkie swear
Even cross my heart
The weatherman’s calling for more rain

Michelle Hix

Speaking of Made Up Words...Here's Some Vocabulary For You

bimichelleproof - able to withstand two of me (the good me and the bad me)
michelleium - my chemical element (careful when making a compound)
bacteriomichelleise - to make me a bacteria (I'd be a probiotic for sure)
hydromichelleator - me liquefied (warning...this liquid is hot)
michelleless - without me (how sad)
michelleology - to study me (your next major?)
geomichelle - earthy me (I'm recyclable)
cytomichelle - cellular me (my nucleus looks good)
unmichelle - everything that is not me (but should be me)
michelleular - looking like me (totally michelleular!)
extramichelleness - too much of me (is this possible?)
michelleability - inclination of me (do you have this?)
perimichelleferous - around me (like a purple aura)
michelleous - full of me (full of something anyway...)
michelleling - the art of me ("I can't meet you for dinner, I'm Michelleing tonight")
michelleist - believing in me (thank you)
michelleologist - to study me (you sound so smart when you master me)
phagemichelle - to eat me (seriously, I did not make this up)
michellemorphic - having the form of me (be careful what you ask for)
epimichelle - upon me (get off)
hypomichelle - below me (stay there)
michelleoma - having a tumor of me (carry me with you wherever you go!)
michellephobia - don't be afraid of me! (there's therapy for this)
michellescopy - observing me (what's your conclusion?)
sacchrummichelle - me so sweet (like a toothache)
paleomichelle - old me (full of history)
extramichelless - overabundance of me (what everyone should have!!!)
ultramichelle - beyond the normal range of me (who's normal?)
gymnomichelleferous - producing a naked me (totally true I swear)
michelleise - to become me (don't try this at home)
premichelleization - before me (before 1970)
postmichelle - after me (20??)
contramichellement - against me (don't fight it)
michellecide - to kill me (you can't, I have super powers)
michelleable - worthy of me (there are few)
...or in the case of most my ex's...UN-MICHELLEABLE! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

I Love This Picture

If you study this for a living you are probably an oculoelephantologist!

Have You Ever Been Caught?

Doing something totally embarrassing?

Really? Tell me!!!!! I want to hear it!

I was just in my office, totally rocking out...okay, not quite air band style but like I was lip syncing and dancing and I had the music blaring loud and apparently didn't hear the doorbell...turned around and my daughter's best friend's mother was just standing there looking at me stunned! She totally busted me...

Someone Stop Me!

Dinner Saturday night was FABULOUS of course! Melinda makes a mean pot of green chili. Fran kept the margaritas coming...which I think was the catalyst for me getting in front of Melinda's I-photo booth and contorting my face all night long...can't wait to see those photos! Makes me want to go out and get one...but I think I would sit in front of my computer all day trying to give myself exaggerated features just for laughs...someone stop me.

Presidential Poesy

First in the hearts of his countrymen
Our nation was led by George Washington

Next in line was a Harvard Grad
John Adams was also John Quincy’s dad

Thomas Jefferson was number three
Independence he declared made our country free

To be the author of the Bill of Rights
It took James Madison many fights

James Monroe and his doctrine
Made foreign interference a has-been

John Quincy Adams, a diplomat of sorts
Also an attorney working the Boston courts

Contracting small pox as a prisoner early in life
Andrew Jackson illegitimately married his wife

Speaking Dutch first was Martin Van Buren
He was also called “Little Magician”

William Henry Harrison’s claim to fame
Longest inaugural address, shortest term…it was a numbers game

“His AccidencyJohn Tyler then acceded
But his political agenda was quite unheeded

James K. Polk believed in Manifest Destiny
Securing the largest expansion called the Oregon Territory

Zachary Taylor was “Old Rough and Ready”
His sudden death left the administration unsteady

Not much changed with Millard Fillmore
He divided the parties and apart they tore

Franklin Pierce’s reputation was not the best
Permanently discrediting certain manifest

James Buchan was a “dough face
Directly involved with the Dred Scott Case

Not yet equal rights but at least liberation
Abe Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation

As Vice Pres Andrew Johnson gave a rambling speech
And later as President he was impeached

Ulysses S. Grant made Christmas a holiday
And his face you’ll see if fifty dollars is your pay

A dark horse nominee and a republican
Rutherford B. Hayes signed a bill for rights of women

Although James Garfield’s assassination could not be prevented
A metal detector to find the bullet was invented

Was he Canadian or natural born in the states?
Chester A. Arthur’s eligibility was never proven in debates

Serving two non-consecutive terms was Grover Cleveland
Opposing women’s suffrage movement should have got him canned

Centennial president Benjamin Harrison
Was none other than William Henry’s grandson

Grover Cleveland served as president again
This time our nation faced economic depression

William McKinley was shot and got gangrene
Couldn’t find the bullet without the new x-ray machine

Theodore Roosevelt took the stand
Speaking softly with a big stick in hand

Jurist William Howard Taft known for trust-busting
Breaking up 90 trusts, no monopolizing

Known for keeping us out of war
Woodrow Wilson served two terms of four

The Ohio Gang had their hands in the cash drawer
Kept Warren G. Harding walking the floor

Calvin Coolidge’s style was laissez-faire
Some called him “Silent Cal” for no hot air

Herbert Hoover was a Quaker
During his term he was a dam maker

FDR his terms were four
Rocked the White House with Eleanor

Dropping atomic bombs was Harry S. Truman
He said, “If you can't stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen”

Dwight D. Eisenhower supported Brown v. Board of Ed.
No way our schools should be segregated!

John F. Kennedy his whole life cool
Even voted “most likely to be President” by his high school

After Kennedy was assassinated came LBJ
Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson led the way

Faced with being impeached Richard Nixon had to resign
He’s remembered for Watergate, wiretapping and crime

With two assassination attempts but still alive
Gerald R. Ford was the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live

Jimmy Carter opposed the death penalty
One of the first to address the rights regarding homosexuality

The Iran-Contra Affair was publicized
Ronald Regan the movie star was criticized

George H. W. Bush we knew might fail
But making it worse was his mate Dan Quayle

William Clinton was one of those guys
We loved him dearly despite his lies

George W. Bush came from Texas
Soon his term will come to pass

Michelle Hix

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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Got this in an email's my answers...

RULES: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name? Michelle
4 letter word: Melt
Vehicle: Motorcyle
TV Show: Mystery Science Theater 3000
City: Melbourne
Boy Name: Max
Girl Name: Myrtle
Drink: MGD
Occupation: Musician
Something you wear: Mary Janes
Celebrity: Marilyn Monroe
Food: marmalade
Something found in a bathroom: mirror
Reason for Being Late: mugged
Cartoon Character: Marvin the Martian
Something You Shout:
Marco! (Polo...)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Personal Robot

My Personal Robot
Showed up at my door
Wearing a bow-tie and trousers
And asked for a chore

I think what I said then was
“I don’t understand!
I asked God for some help
So he sent a hired hand?"

My Robot Confirmed
“Yes indeed, that’s correct”
And would you believe he articulated
Proper English dialect?

Could this really be true?
Is he heavenly sent?
If this is the case
It’s a blessed event!

“Please do come in sir”
I said with a smile
Let us have tea
And chat for a while

Your credentials I’ll need
Resume and references, please
Then he pulled out a note
And said “I have expertise”

The note was addressed to me
I thought it quite odd
As I read, it confirmed
Sincerely and Yours Truly, God

It asked for my trust
And actually said “give him a shot”
Its not every day that I send
My Personal Robot

I folded the note
And kept it abreast
In case I should have to explain
I’ll have proof, I can attest

He wasted no time
He took to the job
Starting with the front door
He polished the knob

I thought “what on earth?”
But then to me it occurred
He’s not from round here
He knows the Good Word

I sat back and watched
As he did his good deed
Though something was missing
What could a robot need?

So I asked him “what’s wrong?
Do you not like to clean?
You don’t have feelings like humans
You’re more like a machine”

To this he exclaimed
“Its true and its sad!
I cannot like or dislike
I don’t feel good or feel bad”

So I grabbed the dust pan
While he used the broom
We tackled dust bunnies
Under the beds in each room

Then off to the bath
Where we spent a great deal of time
Scrubbing and souring
Getting rid of the grime

The kitchen wasn’t bad
Though the stove was some task
He did such a great job
I hope it wasn’t too much to ask

Next to the office
Important paperwork resides
Its was disorganized and messy
But my robot made great strides

“What’s left?” asked my robot
“Is there anything we’ve missed?
Have we hit all the spots?
Is there much on the list?”

“No more” I replied
“Come sit with me here
Let’s have some more tea”
That’s when I noticed the tear

He said “you don’t need me
Its time I must go
I’ve done all I can
And fulfilled my quid pro quo”

“But how can that be,” I said
“I haven’t anything for you”
But then I remembered
What I was attesting to

I took the note from my pocket
And read it again
It said that this robot
Just needed a friend

So I said “don’t be silly,
We’ve only just begun
There’s so much to do
It will be quite fun”

Wiping the tear from his cheek
I could see that he felt
My own personal robot
Made my heart melt

So on every Friday
He shows up and works hard
We clean every room
From the front to the backyard

Then we sit and have tea
We read and we talk
When we get tired of sitting
We go for a walk

Only God knows our needs
And fulfills them each day
Its not up to me
To decide the best way

So if you should ask
For a little help too
Expect nothing less than a miracle
To be sent straight to you

Michelle Hix

Friday, November 9, 2007

Heaven in a Cup! Yumminess!

Ooooh, my! Just tried the Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks this morning...took a little detour from my favorite Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It was so yummy. I felt all warm and cozy inside. And to top it off, they put it in a holiday cup. I don't know why this made me happy but it did. I felt like George right after he realized "its a wonderful life" afterall. Its impossible to have a bad day if it starts out like that!


Being acronymically challenged on this blog I thought I use this one...seems so 80's! It feels like its been such a long week. My oldest daughter went to Keystone Science Camp this week. Getting ready for it and getting her back home with all the packing/unpacking and laundry on top of homework made the week seem more like two. Maybe I'm just excited for the weekend being that I'm going to dine it up high school drama style on Saturday with my girlfriends and the men that love them (almost as much as me)! Its dinner club time and it couldn't come any sooner. My parents are taking the kids for the need to drop the kids off at the babysitter's. Its margaritas, fajitas and more laughter than you can shake a stick at!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Daddy's Love

Absent from your bedtime story
Late from work again
But while you were fast at slumber
I quietly tiptoed in

Sweet lullabies were playing
In your decorated room
Teddy bears romping through your dreams
Soothing as a womb

Before I even saw your face
A feeling rushed right through
I’m your daddy and protector
Watching over you

Upon your little mattress
Lying motionless
Arms high above your head
So cute, words can’t express

I listened for your breath to come
A sign your doing fine
Caressed your baby fingers
Putting your hand in mine

To the lullabies I hummed along
So many rang a bell
They reminded me of grandma
My eyes then started to well

If God were to let me comprehend
The love inside my heart
The knowledge of such miracle
This man would surely fall apart

Hair still damp from bath time
Cheeks so rosy red
Tuckered out from playing hard
My beautiful sleepyhead

Goodnight my darling daughter
I hope all your dreams come true
Just wanted to whisper in your ear
How much your daddy loves you

Michelle Hix

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Maybe It Was My Memories...

Inspiration can come from anywhere. In this case, a memory, a song, and my love for books...strange as the combination may sound...

I’ve got your memory
Or has it got me?
I really don’t know
But I know, it won’t let me be
(Patsy Cline, She's Got You)

Absent and detached
In this thing they call life
In comes the memory
Cutting pain like a knife

Pretend play it may be
Fooling only myself
Your memory I access
Like a favorite book from the shelf

The smell of your skin
Lingers and covers me
Like the smell of the leather binding
As I turn the pages anxiously

Trusting in your touch
Anxiety slowly subsiding
Like a classic I enjoy
Comfort so abiding

Thoughts, memories, wishes
I don’t ever want to erase
Turning to your page in my soul
A bookmark, holding place

Owning a season of my days
A passage of my existence
Reads like a memoir of historic rendezvous
Survival and subsistence

I bring a glimpse of you
To my imaginary room
A fairytale of tragic romance
Picked before the bloom

Adrenaline running through my veins
Last chapter haunts me so
Excitement descending climax
Melancholic I must go

I sit and smile
The two halves greet
Cover, back
And pages meet

I close the book
Of memories past
And place you back
On the shelf at last

Michelle Hix

What's Old is New Again

Today I had lunch with two ladies that I haven’t seen in 6 ½ years. Saying that makes me realize how long it’s truly been but seeing them felt as though no time had passed. I worked with these ladies in the writing department at Interlink. We had a really wonderfully talented team of writers and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to work under them and grow in my skills so much. Today I was reminded why I enjoyed working with them. They are such beautiful, smart and funny women. Being around women like that just reminds me of how strong we are, how capable of overcoming obstacles we can be, and how truly much we need each other’s company, companionship, and advice. I knew these women before they were married and before they had children and now they are married mommies with adorable families. It feels like now we have a lot in common, but I also love the fact that we are different, probably raise our children differently, have different political and religious beliefs and we can appreciate, respect, and even cherish our differences. I totally love that about all my friends.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to Get Your Butt Kicked By a 2nd Grader

Today all the 1st and 2nd graders went to Pump It Up. I chaperoned the little monsters. I don't know what it is about these little kids wanting to see grown adults pull hamstrings and get rug burns but they all wanted to challenge us to a race through the obstacle course. My opponent, Wild Boy Aidan, weighing in at only 60 lbs...smoked me right out of the gate, as he dives through the first hole, I try to actually put a leg through and my head at the same time...big mistake...then on to the first climbing wall...which I'm pretty sure he just completely hopped over somehow without climbing while I'm left behind trying to figure out what I'm supposed to hold onto...once over the wall its clear I'm going to hit the bottom pretty hard and I'm now wondering how many kids are going to land on my head...on to the second climbing wall where I've lost all sight of least this one has ropes to hold onto...and finally, I reached the top, where I am now fully aware of the fact that I am going to slide down at warp speed, certainly causing an uncomfortable wedgie, and possibly knocking over several kids in the process! I demanded a rematch...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Boshula Girl!

Sharing, laughing
Memories stand still
One can never forget
So much time has passed
But it feels just like yesterday
The sound of our souls growing friendship
Screaming in my head when you weren’t there
Let go to save a venomous union
But it feels just like yesterday
Time means nothing to souls
Welcome back my friend
Memories to create
Loving, caring

Michelle Hix

Its All In The Medical History

This morning I was cleaning out my file cabinet when I ran across an envelope with my medical history in it. Apparently I requested a copy some years ago when I was switching insurance. The history dates from about 12 years old up through my first daughter's birth. As I looked through the paperwork I read the "doctor's comments" section of my visits. It was quite funny actually. I never knew that they made "comments". At 13 years old they describe me as a "small structured 13 year old" who is "shy and knowledgeable" and that I have a "normal size head, ears, and nose." This made me laugh so I kept reading. At 12 apparently I fell off my bike, hit my head on concrete and blacked out...this would explain my memory problem...ha ha. I have no recollection of that ever happening. And then I found the paperwork from my first prenatal appointment, and I was sadly reminded of the fact that I used to weigh 109 lbs...pregnant!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

To Lori...Told you I Would :)

How could I forget you?
There’s no way I could
Since the 8th grade at Huron
The test of time our friendship has stood

You are one of the few
Who knows me inside and out
We’ll be friends till the end
Of that there’s no doubt

There are so many treasures
We’ve shared all along
And so many memories
Keeping our friendship strong

Remember Mcconaughey?
Oh what good times!
If pictures were leaked
They’d charge us with crimes!

Remember they called us
L & M squared?
They took us snipe hunting
Fear not, we weren’t scared!

You are one of my heroes
Your patience I admire
Humility and kindness
Virtues that I aspire

So don’t fret and don’t frown
If your name I don’t mention
At Starbucks very soon
You’ll have my full attention!

Michelle Hix

Ole'! The Fiesta Has Begun!

Tonight I have 13 of the silliest girls on the planet sleeping at my house...Happy Birthday M!
I just peeked in on them in the basement and they are all singing "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends" (karaoke). It is so cute.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Why Do I Love My Friend Donna?

Because she Tivo's the Bachelor for me! Although I don't have any "shows" and I'm not one to spend much time in front of the tv during the week, one of my favorite things to do is watch the Bachelor with my friend Donna. For the past five years its been our ritual to watch it together. Five years ago she gave me a sweatshirt, an ugly sweatshirt, to wear home because it was cold and I was walking. To this day, five years later, I have been wearing that same ugly sweatshirt to her house to watch the Bachelor. Tonight was no exception!

Captain's Log

Most of you who know my children, or even if you have children of your own, will unerstand this. Children are fascinated with poop and pooping. A couple of years ago my youngest went through a phase where she was having fun with weighing herself on the scale, pooping, and then weighing herself again to see how much she had lost. We have a digital scale so it was very exciting for her to see her weight go from 49 lbs to 48.5 lbs. (please tell me this is not a sign of what's to come). She'd come running out of the bathroom screaming "mom, now I'm only 4-8-5" because she didn't understand that the 5 was really point 5.

Today, I walk into our guest bathroom to find a log (Yuck people! Not that kind of log!)...more precisely, a bathroom log. Thanks to my older daughter, anyone visiting our guest bathroom can now log their name and date of delivery! She and my husband had already filled out the top two spots, conveniently letting me know how regular they are.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What an Incredible Night!!!!

Can someone please tell "forever in blue jeans" girl that she is not going to a Neil Diamond Concert tonight!!!

Tonight I met my hero! We went to hear Immaculee Ilibagiza speak at the Newman Center at DU. We had awesome seats (Thank you Sandra). The night started out with a showing of Immaculee's Diary (her movie) which was 35 minutes long. Then Immaculee spoke for about 45 minutes. After which the crowd was invited to turn in their questions for the Q&A. You can imagine that they had a huge stack of questions and only 5 got answered. They picked mine!!!! I just knew they would. I don't know why (okay I prayed a little) and they picked my question. She sort of laughed when the question was read because I asked about a very small detail of her book (that happened to effect me tremendously) and because of that she said "you can always tell when someone has really read my book when they ask about something like this." After the Q&A we went out to the lobby where everyone lined up for the book signing. Of course I did not have my book with me...I gave it away because I was so anxious for others to read her story. So I had nothing in my hands and I was nowhere near the front of the line when the line did this weird sort of shift and then suddenly within seconds I was in front. I'm totally serious. There I was standing in front of her and I got to tell her how much she means to me and how she has inspired me and that she is in my heart every single day. Oh, and Mark got pictures!

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Trick or Treat

The Morning After

What once was sitting round and pretty
A child of mine created
Where have you gone with your triangle eyes?
It seems you have deflated

Only just last night you were on my porch
Lighting the way for ghosts, vampires, and even a cheerleader
Why have you slumped into a mess?
There was no finer trick-or-treater greeter

I have to admit, your timing was good
Although I hate to see you go
For today was trash day in my neighborhood
To the dump, a jack-o-lantern I must bestow

Michelle Hix