Saturday, November 3, 2007

To Lori...Told you I Would :)

How could I forget you?
There’s no way I could
Since the 8th grade at Huron
The test of time our friendship has stood

You are one of the few
Who knows me inside and out
We’ll be friends till the end
Of that there’s no doubt

There are so many treasures
We’ve shared all along
And so many memories
Keeping our friendship strong

Remember Mcconaughey?
Oh what good times!
If pictures were leaked
They’d charge us with crimes!

Remember they called us
L & M squared?
They took us snipe hunting
Fear not, we weren’t scared!

You are one of my heroes
Your patience I admire
Humility and kindness
Virtues that I aspire

So don’t fret and don’t frown
If your name I don’t mention
At Starbucks very soon
You’ll have my full attention!

Michelle Hix


Elise said...

The poem is really sweet x

Kat Mortensen said...

You're really getting into a groove, now Michelle. I write these types of poems for friends and family as well. Check out my website at to see some examples. If you wouldn't mind passing on the link to anyone who might be interested.

Michelle Hix said...


I wish my writing was as creative as yours. I come from a technical background and its a hard thing to shake...always wanting to analyze everything I put into writing instead of just letting the creativity flow.