Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In Memory

Another casualty of war today
She marched
Firing assets of prescriptions
Under command of senior intelligence in white coats

We want to thank you
The civilians sending convoys of support
Coalition forces who understood the battle firsthand
The battalion that have been victorious
The forces before them that were defeated and went home

The enemy fights hard
Taking prisoners
Hoping for surrender
Armed with ammunition
Firing when the soldier is weak

What chance does a warrior have?
The rebel invades
Reconnaissance on the body
Stealing good men and women from this earth
Sending them home to rest

We love you and you will be missed
Crestfallen, our heads in prayer
Thinking of you
We honor your bravery
Cancer took your life, but the memories remain

Michelle Hix

Written in memory of Mary K., the mother of my good friend who lost her battle with cancer on Monday.


roentare said...

A touching poem you have written. Beautifully written.

True inner reflection of soul

Kat Mortensen said...

Really nice. I love the way you've used the metaphor of war and soldiers to evoke the personal battle. Have you given this to the person who lost their mother? You really should.

Michelle Hix said...

This was the fastest piece I've ever written. I think it took me 30 seconds. As soon as I heard the news, I immediately started typing. This might have came from my fingertips but I feel that the words were more of a divine inspiration, flowing out of me faster than I could type (unlike Pizza Delivery and Presidential Poesy, ha ha)