Friday, November 23, 2007

Charismatic Man

We all know one...

He enters the room
and every head turns
No words leaving lips
and all conversation adjourns
Leaving other men to wonder
why women pause to gaze
Carrying on for him to catch a glimpse
of our come hither love clichés

Captivating male creature
It’s the way his eyes speak
Across a dim lit room
Making my knees weak

Generously equipped anatomy
upon which feminine eyes will fix
Broad shouldered standing dignified
A Michelangelo he depicts
Each move he makes is analyzed
Confident, calm and composed
Displaying gifts of nature
The strength in his build exposed

Seductive male creature
It’s in his voice so deep
Telling me a secret
Hoping mine he'll keep

hmm...that's all I just fell out of my head without an ending...I hate that...maybe the ending will fall out later


Anonymous said...

This is a man who wants nice crispy fries that taste great with his coke and Big Mac

Michelle Hix said...

Oh don't worry...Charismatic man always gets his fries and an apple pie for dessert.