Friday, September 28, 2007

Chester Arthur Stiles

Chester Arthur Stiles
Monster, loathsome, vile
Abominable, repulsive, pedophile

So inclined to taping
No running, no escaping
Your sick deeds, your filth, your raping

Never minding her resistance
Contamination by existence
Wasteful, foul, revolting putrescence

Chester Arthur Stiles
Abominable, repulsive, pedophile
Let’s go for a walk, just one short green mile

Michelle Hix

Michelle's notes: I was surprised when I wrote this. I wasn't intending to end it the way I did. I am opposed to the death penalty. However, this man is an obvious argument for the death penalty.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this.

Kat Mortensen said...

Yes, Michelle, isn't it interesting how poetry just creeps up on you and how the endings are fitting even though you must fight your better instincts when you reveal them? I have that happen quite a lot in my poems, but then, that's what I like about them as well.


Michelle Hix said...

Your blog was the inspiration behind actually publishing this poem!