Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dear Michelle

My good friend Hayley tagged me to do something fun. And I read Mental Poo's version of it which I almost couldn't get through without laughing till I peed. I am going to tag Juliana, Poetikat, and Cindy too because her's will make me laugh. The challenge: write a letter to your 13 year old self telling you what you're life will be like in the future.

Dear 13 year old Michelle,

You are 37 right now and you’ve lived quite a life. I don’t want to ruin any surprises for you but there are some things I can tell you to make your future a little bit easier for you.

1) Stop looking at your boobies; they are not going to get much bigger.

2) Stop looking at other girls boobies, they look like yours.

3) Stop looking at, oh, just stop, boys are going to get you into lots of trouble soon.

4) Although the only man in your life at that young age let you down big time, you will find out that men are amazing creatures (but not before your heart gets broken a time or two.)

5) When you are 15 you will meet your first boyfriend who you will remain friends with for the rest of your life (I’m seeing our future also). So try to let him down easy because it won’t be till later in life when you realize that he was also your best friend.

6) As you go through high school, you do some pretty stupid stuff with your friends. Go ahead and do that stuff. It was really fun. Except for that one night when you and your girlfriends think it would be cool to try chewing tobacco…yeah, skip that. It’s not a pretty scene and your ex will remind you that you sort of ruined his homecoming night. I suppose you could slow it down a little on the drinking…throwing it back up might have built your abs of steel but it didn’t build much in the way of character.

7) Speaking of your friends…(wiping tear from eye) When you are 37, you will have demystified your friendships and women in general. You have the best friends on earth. The thing is, is that many of them you know right now. So be nicer to them because they have a lot of stuff to hold over your head and blackmail is a bitch.

8) When you are 18 your friends will go away for college and since you have a new car, you’ll be driving to Fort Collins every weekend to party. No regrets or advice there…except maybe try to hold on to the car keys a little better because one very late night your best friend is going to dump them in the trash at Taco Bell and it won’t be pretty diving in after them.

9) Since you’ve always been pretty anxious to show everyone how independent you are (yes, you remain quite stubborn in your old age), you will not go away to college, but you will work one full time job at the family biz (yes, your mom stays with that cool guy and he later becomes your step dad and the best Papa in the world to your kids) and two part time jobs and you will carry a full load of classes at The University of Denver at nights and on weekends.

10) You will meet a great guy (after meeting some that aren’t) and after your first daughter is born, you will find a great job doing what you love and this job transitions your mindset into spending a lot of time writing. Your daughter will throw you for some curve balls in life and this will build character in you and bring out the strength that you’ve always had. Your second daughter will come along and add to your joy even more.

11) Being a grown up is hard and you will fail and suck at some things but your hard work usually pays off for you. You are a loyal friend. Your parents are still with you and fight fires and rescue people in the mountains along with being the best grandparents ever. Your sister is still her worldly self and can’t seem to stay in Colorado very long at one time so you’ll have to have your daughter show you how to text message her to keep in touch. You are physically healthy and happy with the way you look. And you will have a tattoo removed so you’ll have to decide if it was worth getting it or not. Maybe if you go ahead and get it, you could pick something a little more bad ass than a flamingo?

12) Being 14 will suck for you more than you probably can imagine. But let me tell you, life is good…you just don’t know it yet.


Anonymous said...

Each and every time I read your blog, you inspire me! I haven't figured out what I am supposed to do with this inspiration--but I'm working on it!

Juliana said...

Hi Michelle, I see the tag ^_^;; I put you on my waiting list tag hahaha.... dag.

Michelle Hix said...


Lets talk about it soon over mexican food...are you seeing a recurring theme in my comments back to you yet?

Michelle Hix said...

By the way everyone...
Little miss Francine up there is Taco Bell girl from #8.

Kat Mortensen said...


I've been tagged by both you and Elise to do this meme. I'm still trying to root around in my mental archives for what I was doing back in 1974!

Haylzc5 said...

What a brilliant letter, it is so nice to get to know someone that bit better!

Hayley x

Kat Mortensen said...

Now. I didn't want to duplicate the boobies tale in mine, but let's just say there was a doll called "Flatsy" in the 70s and cruel kids thought it was fun to give me that nickname. Happy to report they are just average now.

I can't believe you still remain in contact with a boyfriend from (25?) years ago. Wow! I keep in touch sporadically with my boyfriend from when I was 18, but we were good mates in our 20s.

Chewing tobacco?!!! Ew! (must be an American thing).

Love the Taco Bell key story. That must have been so pleasant!

A truly enjoyable read and so revealing.


Michelle Hix said...

Flatsy? I'm glad I didn't know about her! My ex first boyfriend lives in the neighborhood across the street from me and his daughter babysits my girls!