Saturday, June 21, 2008

Effortlessly in Love

I've been reading a lot of poetry by Rumi, a 13th century poet. His teachings and poetry are known and popular for teaching the highest state of a human being — a fully evolved human...a complete human is not bound by cultural limitations; Rumi touches every one of us with his love and idea of being in love. This morning as I woke, words and thoughts were in my head as's my attempt to Rumi!

You grieved for me while my heart shattered
Into a thousand pieces
Scattered across the wasteland of my soul
Before you came to nourish me

You knew that the magnificence and beauty
The pain, pleasure and splendor
The healing and the resurrection
Would be a rebirthing of our love

Seducing each fragment of my heart
To scintillate with passion
You led me on a crusade
Through my own revival

I yearned and ached for you
Before my eyes ever caught glimpse of you
I wanted and needed you
With the shards and broken pieces

I loved and desired you
With my whole vigorous beating heart
And now I tenderly and affectionately
Abandon my heart to your will

I give it willingly and eagerly
To be ravished or ravaged
To be filled or broken
My heart beats only for you my sweet love

You are the essence of my spirit
With vitality you inhabit my soul
Light of my days you guide me
Effortlessly in love

©2008 – Michelle Hix


bhawan said...

Wow, so you fall in love with a mysterious lover-Rumi, amazing!! I was just unaware of Rumi, but I came to know about him with the grace of an enlightened mystic Anandmurti Gurumaa. Here I want to share with you some Rumi love poems, after listening to which I just became his fan. I don't know but his poems are very mysterious, bring us in a complete different world.

AngelConradie said...

that is truly beautiful!

i beati said...

well I'm in trouble What is the title of that book??I was so moved by that poem!! sandy

Michelle Hix said...


Thank you. I was inspired to write it for sure. If you would like, I have many many Rumi mp3 tracks I could send you to listen to. It is very relaxing. I will email you later today with some.

Anonymous said...

Wow daughter-in-law, that was awesome. You are something else. Keep up the good work.