Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Favorite Place

Half blinked into existence
One third fragments of my breath
A paradisaical moment
But features more like death

No escaping without words
Locked up inside the master
Yet can be lost forever
Without its conscious capture

Where apples can be oranges
And it’s logical to see
Loved ones gone to heaven
Now right in front of me

I met a man there once
Buying tickets to the show
We talked as if we were old friends
Yet his name I did not know

Traveling distant lands abroad
No grain of sand did pass
Inside a quixotic time machine
Devoid an hourglass

On our journey we met a girl
Riding upon a three legged giraffe
I did not think it odd at all
When I heard his long neck laugh

It’s whimsical and magical
And woven with the thread
Strands each from real and make believe
Sewn right in through my head

No fear or death comes round this place
Unless I do not go there
For if I fall not to a dream
I might well land a nightmare

Michelle Hix 2008


Cocaine Princess said...

You are very talented. The poem was incredible.

Cocaine Princess

Anonymous said...

very good
you write well.

Cocaine Princess said...

Just thanking you for that encouraging comment you left on my last entry.

Cocaine Princess

Michelle Hix said...

You can thank all your blog friends...I'd like to thank the little the acknowlegements of your book! :)

Sweets said...

beautiful! i'm way impressed!!

DANIELA said...

wow!!! great poem! you should take more advantage of it!



(citation needed)

Michelle Hix said...

Thanks for stopping by. Of what should I be taking more advantage? Writing poems? Or dreaming?

Damama T said...

wow. Amazing.