Thursday, January 17, 2008

We Said It Wednesday

Find out who said what, why, when and where this week...all right here...

"I am a great distance from where I once was as a man."

"I’m amazed there’s no head in his bed."

"I was desperate for a long hot shower."

"As I walk around to see what looks like their stock room I begin to panic as I realise how ‘dodgy’ this would look if someone came down and saw this drunk black man wading through the clubs supplies trying to explain himself in nonsensical incoherent sentences."

"Someday someone should invent "Jungle Chess!" - where the players slap each other around a bit while they play. "

"Who Knows Where It Is We Go"

"That way, when you piss down your leg repeatedly, everyone knows it was you."

"What if a passerby, a jogger or someone walking their dog found a body in a ditch and then called the police."

"in addition to the blisters, I was also nursing a mammoth migraine and a Colorado River sized log-jam of constipation."

"So, yesterday I had to drop off my post-vasectomy Mooge sample."

"was scared i have to admit...didn't want to be hit by a stray bullet y'know"

"Isn't she a gorgeous looking girl?"

"Yesterday i received a lovely suprise."

"Yep, I spent the night spooning with the toilet."


Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy, *that* sentence??? LOL! I guess I had that coming...

AngelConradie said...

are those famous quotes or bloggers...?

Sweets said...

haha! i feel honoured!! very original thing to do!

Michelle Hix said...

Some of them are your friends...ha ha! Just thought it would be fun to do each week (quite bloggers out of context) so people can click to find out why they said it.

Kat Mortensen said...

Brilliant idea. Can we each do it to bring even more exposure?
Good choice on mine. I recognized it right away.
These are all great hooks!
Maybe there should be a blog devoted exclusively to teasers.

Michelle Hix said...

Hopefully nobody minds me taking their words out of context but that was obviously the point. Taking it out of context makes people want to read more. The idea just randomly came to me one night and I tried to do a search and see if others do it but it looks like I might have made it up. ha ha I'm a Pioneer Woman...a real blogging trailblazer!

Pete Moring. said...

We named one of our daughters after the same Beatles song.

She's lived up to it nearly every day. (30 this year).

Great site, I'm linking to it.
If you disagree please let me know.

Good luck,


Michelle Hix said...

Hey Pete
Nice to meet you. Checked you out today. You are one of those multi-bloggers! I don't know how you folks keep up with it. I've had the song sung to me many times...never gets old.

Damama T said...

HOw is it that I've been away from here a month????? AACK!! I'm so sorry! Can I please plead Colorado River-induced brain damage?? LOL!! Gonna go catch up now...