Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Laid awake, eyes open most the night
The alarm forgot to ring
Running late I microwave yesterday’s coffee
Can’t find a mug to bring
Cold outside, I accidentally grab your scarf
Just can’t seem to purge a thing
It makes me remember, yes, I remember

Out of groceries, picked up a few
Couldn’t find that penny at the bottom of my purse
Thought I saw you in the parking lot
That just made it worse
Probably a good thing it wasn’t you
The words I haven’t yet rehearsed
Trying to remember, yes, I remember

Clicked the button, the garage door opens
And then our song came on
Sat there in the car, listening
I’m feeling so withdrawn
Thinking of the times we laughed
I just can’t seem to recall one
But then I remember, yes, I remember

Watched the news, my heart still aches
Too many deaths unexplained
You used to watch me watch the news
Until your loyalty feigned
Now even if you were here right now
I’m not sure trust could be regained
Don’t want to remember, yes, I remember
Michelle Hix 2008


Shemley said...

I liked that poem, language was appropriate and it captured how you were feeling about a former loved one perhaps?...

Michelle Hix said...

Not written from a personal experience...just a melody in my head that I put words to.

Kat Mortensen said...

Michelle, you have an amazing ability to get inside a character's head. You really should be writing fiction.
I do like the poem. It was very evocative. I was with "you" every step of the way. I loved the bit about the scarf.

Damama T said...

Again, well done. Maybe you should copyright that and the tune and submit it to somebody. Good stuff.