Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We Said It Wednesday

Find out who said what, why, when and where this week...all right here!

I pranced around the kitchen in a red embroidered black suspender belt and stocking set complete with a matching red bra and thong.

But Manolos won’t help if you need a stiff drink!

Oh, after they drop a load of babies, they are ready to get pregnant again within hours...HOURS!

i've been a little naughty!!

Hhmmm... I don’t do the whole housework slash laundry slash budgeting thing very well, but I did lose weight and I started focusing a little on wearing matching clothes and make-up and such... teehee!

Warm and hot.

There was no vegetable penetration.

Rumors are swirling this is going to be one very messy, divorce.

He hated me and he hated you,

My Dad didn't think I was his child, so he refused to come to the hospital.

I now refuse to go to Lowe’s on Tuesdays for fear I’ll find him there waiting with flowers and moonshine in hand, and that drunk snaggletoothed donkey grin plastered hopefully across his grizzled old face!

I would play a drinking game…you know the one…where you take a drink every time he mentions 9/11, but I’m afraid of alcohol poisoning.

There were moments where I wished I could climb in there myself.

Grateful for the distraction after approximately 7 minutes of working which translates into 2 minutes of writing I answer the call to hear a voice that I had not heard for 2 years.

AND THEN, it hit me!


Elise said...

I'm loving it! Its like you've picked out the good books in a library and reserved them all. Thanks xx

Moooooog35 said...

I was checking my stats and saw I had a visitor from your site.

Then I checked your site and realized it was - most likely - clicked on from the "vegetable penetration" comment.

You have some closet zucchini masturbators.


Sick I say.

These are my kind of people.

Michelle Hix said...

Mental Poo (moooooog35)

That was most likely ME clicking my own link(sounds like fun huh?) to make sure the link was working! ha ha But now that it is, fear not, the vegetable-curious folks will soon be over to visit you.

Michelle Hix said...

Can I just say....loooooveeeddd your last post!

Kat Mortensen said...

Thanks for the plug, Michelle. Now I think I'll go pour myself a strong one. *Just kidding.*

AngelConradie said...

omg i'm on your list!!! how awesome is that!!?!?!??