Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Shuffling the streets
Peeking into the eyes of everyone we meet
Hoping a soul mate this path does beat
Yet only the sound of our own two feet

As they echo the empty sound
Of sad souls dying to be found
Heavy hearts too broken to resound
Too weak to feel the chest beat pound

And pound that thought if only one
Of how my life might come undone
At the rising of the sun
That bet the moon the sky and won

So sits alone and hangs her head
No rays of happiness does she spread
The moon he wanders up ahead
Lost his destiny sun to tread

With cries of mourning day and night
Never stopping in their flight
Neither one does sky invite
To betroth with love and solemn plight

And so it goes we search the land
For hearts and souls to understand
Our longing for bended knee and outstretched hand
To ring the finger in golden band

©2008-Michelle Hix


Anonymous said...

Very good!

Anonymous said...

Awesome - Your poetry is very delicate...but it conveys deep meaning and expressive thought very well...

Damama T said...

Well done. As always. ;o)

Shemley said...

Hey Hixy, very good as per usual.

I have a little something for you on my page, a little different but let me know your thoughts...

AngelConradie said...

wow... too beautiful...